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CEUs based on the videos at YouTube Doc Snipes

  • Contact Hours: 1 Instructor: Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes Objectives • Explore guilt in terms of anger at self • Learn how the word "should" relates to guilt, anxiety and depression • Learn about group and individual activities to identify guilt issues (both nurtured and ongoing) • Explore how to apply the psychological flexibility matrix and challenging questions to guilt.
    $3.00 for 90 days
  • Learn why these habits contribute to recovery from addiction and mood issues and techniques to help clients implement them Habit: Awareness and Authenticity Habit: Acceptance Habit: Gratitude Habit: Compassion Habit: Breathing Habit: Purposeful action and Long-Term Goals Habit: Back-Talk Habit: Thought Conditioning Habit: Be Sense-sational
    $3.00 for 90 days
  • Objectives: • Review the sex hormones and their functions • Review the impact of sex hormones in the HPA-Axis • Review causes and consequences of imbalances in o Estrogen o Progesterone o Testosterone
    $6.00 for 90 days
  • Objectives: -Define stress and distress -Identify the impacts of stress -Explore sources of stress and interventions
    $3.00 for 90 days
  • Based in part on guidelines from the APA and Counselor Toolbox Podcast 225
    $45.00 for 90 days
  • Objectives -Explore how porn addiction can be a cycle -Explore how porn (like video games) can be addictive -Explore technological interventions to help people addicted to porn -Identify critical treatment Issues for porn addiction
    $6.00 for 90 days
  • Based in part on SAMHSA TIP 34 Brief Interventions and Counselor Toolbox Episode 224
    $12.00 for 90 days
  • This multimedia course is based in part on Counselor Toolbox Podcasts 210, 169, 156, 120, 121 and 105. Text-based materials are also provided in the course for those who prefer to learn by reading. OBJECTIVES: Differentiate brief interventions from traditional interventions Identify reasons for using brief interventions Explore crisis/ disaster counseling Identify barriers to increasing the use of brief treatments Evaluate recent inventions and therapies for their appropriateness with a given client or population Identify methods for evaluating the effectiveness of treatment methodologies used Identify the stages-of-change from the Prochaska and diclemente model Define the acronym FRAMES View multimedia content at
    $60.00 for 90 days
  • Based in part on Counselor Toolbox Episode 389
    $6.00 for 90 days
  • Based on Counselor Toolbox Episode 158 Building Resilience
    $9.00 for 90 days
  • Based in part on Counselor Toolbox Episode 384
    $6.00 for 90 days
  • This course is based on Counselor Toolbox Episode 072 -Bullying: Understanding the Dynamics to Create Better Intervention Programs 083 -Relationship Skills 101 for Teens Using DBT to Deal with Intense Emotions 547 - Bullying - A mental health perspective
    $30.00 for 90 days
  • This course is based on Counselor Toolbox episode 034- Career Exploration and Vocational Goal Setting for Persons in Recovery
    $9.00 for 90 days
  • Contact Hours: 2 Instructor: Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes PhD, LPC-MHSP, LMHC Objectives: • Explain the scope of practice and code of ethics for case managers • Compare and contrast the code of ethics and scope of practice for case managers to that of Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counselors and Social Workers
    $6.00 for 90 days
  • Objectives - Review a case study using the transdiagnostic, transtheoretical PACER approach - As they say on Law and Order… - The following story is fictional and does not depict any actual person or event.”
    $18.00 for 90 days
  • Objectives: Review an addiction case study using the PACER Method
    $6.00 for 90 days
  • Objectives: Review the 7-Habits of Highly Effective People and how they apply to recovery from mental health and addiction issues
    $6.00 for 90 days
  • This course is based on Counselor Toolbox Podcasts. 085-Child Development 101 The Infant Stage 086-Child Development 101 The Toddler 089-Child Development 101 The Elementary Years 091-Child Development 101 The Middle School (Tween) Years 092-Child Development 101 The High School Years. We review the developmental tasks of each stage as well as characteristics of cognitive development which impact coping and understanding. We discuss possible pitfalls in development, how to prevent them and how to remediate them. Videos of the podcast recording session are included.
    $24.00 for 90 days

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