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You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know
Interview with Cecilia Briseno, LCSW
~ Cecilia Briseno is a bilingual Licensed Clinical Social Worker at Bright Side Family Therapy, in Arlington, TX.
~ Following the completion of her Master’s program, Cecilia went on to study Marriage and Family Therapy in a doctoral program at Texas Woman’s University, which helped her to broaden her knowledge of SFT and family systems.
~ Cecilia has found her niche in working with families navigating through the immigration process. Cecilia provides evaluations explaining the hardships they face when separated from their loved ones. She is now also providing training for clinicians interested in working with immigrants.
Path to your LCSW

~ How can this help someone who has recently graduated or will be graduating in the Spring?
~ What types of topics do you usually cover in this workshop?
~ What things do you wish someone would have told you after your graduated?
~ Is this ever offered online as a webinar?

Hardship evaluations
~ What are hardship evaluations and who needs them?
~ How did you get into doing them?
~ How does the average therapist get into doing them?
~ Do you have to be bilingual or can you use an interpreter?
~ What is the demand like for these evaluations?
~ How much do they pay, on average?
~ What do you cover in your webinar?
~ Is the process the same for people in other states?
~ What if you know someone who needs a hardship evaluation…how do you get them in touch with the right people?

Concluding Remarks
Cecilia Briseno, LCSW-S
Bright Side Family Therapy

~ Path to Your LCSW

~ Hardship Evaluations