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The Interaction Between Neurotransmitters, Thoughts & Emotion


Learn about your central control center, the brain

  • What role does it play in
    Physical Reactionsl
    How things can go wrong
    How to fix those things


After a hard day, you often want to relax and “veg” This is the brain
sending out the “all clear” message and “inhibitory” or calming
chemicals to balance out the stress of the day.

When the brain does not get the “all clear” it recognizes that it needs
to conserve the “excitatory” chemicals for a true emergency so it
turns down the sensitivity of the threat response system (basically
saying if you wont conserve energy, I will force you to)

By addressing those old, unhelpful thoughts and interpretations you
can reduce physical and mental stress and anxiety.

This in turn helps your body have some “down time” to recovery
between stressors.

Recovery involves not only helping your mind and thoughts become
healthy, but also your body