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Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes Executive Director, AllCEUs
2.  Examine the biological (physical) impact of addiction on the individual  Examine the psychological impact of addiction on the individual  Examine the social impact of addiction on the individual
3.  Direct ◦ Tolerance ◦ Withdrawal
4.  Basic Neurobiology ◦ Addiction  release of dopamine ◦ Drugs prevent the reuptake of dopamine  abnormally high levels in the brain  desensitization of Dopamine receptors ◦ Addictive behavior can deplete the dopamine in the presynaptic neuron
5.  Indirect ◦ Reduced Immunity ◦ Disease (Hepatitis, HIV, TB, MRSA) ◦ More rapid aging ◦ Sleep difficulties ◦ Nutritional deficits
6.  Direct ◦ Euphoria/Relaxation ◦ Depression/ Lack of pleasure  Insufficient dopamine  Serotonin Imbalance ◦ Anxiety  As serotonin goes down, acetylcholine goes up
7.  Indirect ◦ Depression and/or anxiety due to:  Lack of sleep  Malnutrition  Guilt  Being overwhelmed by the mess  Initial “pain” still there
8.  Isolation  Loss of supportive, healthy relationships ◦ Pushed away ◦ Chose to leave  New friends share same dysfunctional thinking ◦ Stinkin’ Thinkin’: Minimization, rationalization, blaming ◦ Cognitive Distortions
9.  Someone who has become physiologically less able to experience happiness or pleasure  Leading to a desire to find that feeling (addiction)  And keep that feeling (protect the addiction at all costs)
10.  Author of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction
11.  Addiction has both direct and indirect consequences for the person ◦ Biologically/Physically ◦ Psychologically ◦ Interpersonally
12.  All aspects of the person in recovery must be addressed. ◦ It is hard to change your thinking when you don’t feel well ◦ It is hard to change physical habits when you are depressed and unmotivated ◦ It is hard to change thinking or health habits without social support (one of our greatest stress buffers)
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