Clinical Evaluation | Assessment and Screening

  • Objectives Identify the characteristics of a dangerousness assessment Identify factors associated with a high risk for violence Identify steps in preventing danger to others Review special cases Domestic violence Child Abuse Elder Abuse Substance Abuse Eating Disorders Emergency calls from nonclients
    $6.00 for 90 days
  • Contact Hours: 4 Instructor: Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes LPC-MHSP, LMHC Objectives Review the components for the assessment portion of the NCMHCE
    $12.00 for 90 days
  • Objectives • Review what a healthy person needs • Review how different addictions may cause or be caused by o Mood disorders o Physical health issues
    $6.00 for 90 days
  • Objectives Describe the function of a mental status exam Identify the aspects of emotion, cognition and behavior that are assessed during an exam. Differentiate assessment from screening List important things to look for when screening for mood disorders, eating disorders, addictions, ADHD or psychotic disorders.
    $6.00 for 90 days
  • Objectives: - Review a case study using the transdiagnostic, transtheoretical PACER approach - As they say on Law and Order… - The following story is fictional and does not depict any actual person or event.” Case - Tom is a 36 year old male and has been struggling with depression on and off for years, but the past 2 months it has gotten intolerable. He recently lost 85 pounds to try to help get his diabetes under control and improve his sleep apnea and blood pressure. He was thrilled with his weight loss progress, but he hit a plateau and feels like he is going backwards.
    $15.00 for 90 days
  • Based on Counselor Toolbox Episode 184 Differential Diagnosis and the Framing Bias
    $6.00 for 90 days
  • Based on Counselor Toolbox Episode 185 Effective Assessment of Co-Occurring Issues
    $6.00 for 90 days
  • Objectives: Explore issues related to the counseling relationships with people who are culturally different Identify approaches to use with culturally diverse clients
    $6.00 for 90 days
  • Examine the effects of traumatic stress Learn about normal brain development across the lifespan Explore the neurobiology of PTSD Highlight the changes in cognition and brain structure associated with PTSD Identify crucial components to effective PTSD treatment Examine the effects of pharmacotherapy on brain function Learn about the function hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis in the stress response systems, and abnormalities in the HPA axis in persons with PTSD Identify specific neurochemicals implicated in the development of PTSD including chatecholamines, serotonin, amino acids (specifically GABA) and peptides.
    $18.00 for 90 days
  • Objectives: • Define the PACER model • Explore how PACER dimensions interact • Examine the transdiagnostic assessment process
    $9.00 for 90 days
  • Based in part on Counselor Toolbox episode 232
    $6.00 for 90 days
  • Objectives: ~ Review crisis theory and the varying types of crises ~ Describe the stages of crisis ~ Identify the features of a general crisis assessment ~ Differentiate between a crisis and suicide assessment ~ Identify factors associated with a high risk of suicide ~ Review legal and ethical responsibilities (Tarasoff and Bellah vs. Greenson ~ Explore prevention and intervention strategies
    $6.00 for 90 days

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