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  • Multimedia, online courses allow you to move through the training process at your convenience. Text with your instructor 8am-8pm 7 days a week. NAADAC approved continuing education provider Video resources can be found here: Clinical Evaluation: 35 hours Treatment Planning: 30 hours Counseling: 50 hours Case Management and Referral: 10 hours Client, Family and Community Education: 15 hours Documentation: 15 hours Ethical and Professional Responsibilities: 30 hours Administrative Supervision: 15 hours Understanding Addiction/Treatment Knowledge: 80 hours Application to Practice/Professional Readiness: 80 hours* *Must include at least 4 hours of HIV/AIDS and 2 hours of Domestic Violence Also hours in trauma informed care and etherapy have been added as optional courses to meet Georgia requirements.
    $149.00 for one year
  • Objectives -Uri Brofenbrenner’s Socio-Ecological Theory - Physical (Body and brain), cognitive and psychosocial stages of child and adolescent development -Unique developmental and mental health issues for adolescents using the PACER approach -Impact of mental ill-health on young people -Sociological Influences (Risk and Protective Factors) on Youth Mental Health
    $149.00 for 365 days
  • Peer specialist training prepares you to work in an agency to provide support to others who have recovered or are recovering from addiction or mental health issues 40 total clock hours of training divided among the following content areas :  Advocacy: 4 hours minimum Mentoring: 6 hours minimum Recovery Support: 6 hours minimum Cultural and Linguistic Competence: 2 hours minimum Motivational Interviewing: 4 hours minimum Vicarious Trauma/Self-Care: 2 hours minimum Professional Responsibility: 4 hours minimum Whole Health and Resiliency Factors: 14 Hours Electives
    $99.00 for 365 days

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