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Gambling Counseling Practice - 20 Hours

  • Learn about Gambling Addiction
  • Differentiate between problem and non-problem gambling
  • Review an introduction to the treatment of gambling disorder
  • Explore Gambling in a societal context
  • Identify game characteristics and their impact
  • Compare and contrast substance addiction to gambling issues
  • Explore concurrent disorders often present with gambling issues
  • Identify special issues in understanding gambling in older adults, adolescents and women
  • Review how the stages of change model can be applied to selecting interventions and goals for persons with gambling issues
  • Explore criteria for exploring reduction vs. abstinence goals
  • Identify common triggers for gambling
  • Learn about screening and assessment instruments used in the identification of problem gambling
  • Learn about issues often present in the family of a person with a gambling problem, and potential interventions
  • Identify personality characteristics which are more predictive of problem gambling
$60.00 for 90 days

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