-|- Recovery Support Specialist Certification Training (75 Hours)

Legal and Professional Responsibility: 22 hours
a.Ethics– 6 hours
b.HIPAA/Confidentiality– 2 hours
c.Self-Care/Professional Development –4 hours
d.Cultural Competency –4 hours
e.Electives in above –6 hours

Re-engagement, Crisis Support and Safety: 13 hours
a.Risk/Crisis Management –6 hours
b.Domestic Violence– 3 hours
c.Electives in above –4 hours

Resource Linkage/Follow Up: 13 hours
a.Active Care Coordination –6 hours
b.Documentation– 3 hours
c.Electives in above –4 hours

Practical Living Skills/Social Development: 10 hours
a.Social Development –6 hours
b.Electives in above –4 hours

Recovery Management: 17 hours
a.Overview of Addiction/Stages of Recovery –4 hours
b.Addiction and Brain Chemistry/Pharmacology –3 hours
c.Recovery Management –2 hours
d.Co-occurring Disorders –4 hours
e.Relapse Prevention –2 hours
f.Motivational Enhancement –2 hours

$99.00 for 365 days

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