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Child Development 101: Parenting and Reparenting Through the Stages (8 Hours)

This course is based on Counselor Toolbox Podcasts: 
085-Child Development 101 The Infant Stage
086-Child Development 101 The Toddler
089-Child Development 101 The Elementary Years
091-Child Development 101 The Middle School (Tween) Years
092-Child Development 101 The High School Years.

We review the developmental tasks of each stage as well as characteristics of cognitive development which impact coping and understanding.  We discuss possible pitfalls in development, how to prevent them and how to remediate them.  Videos of the podcast recording session are included.


Explore the developmental tasks and needs of the infant stage (0-2 years old)

  • Maslow (Biological and safety needs)
  • Erickson (Trust vs. Mistrust)
  • Bowlby (Attachment)
  • Piaget (Cognition/schema formation)

Discuss how failure to get these needs met can result in later mental health issues
Discuss how failure to resolve the trust vs. mistrust crisis results in later mental health issues
Discuss how infant’s primitive cognitive abilities develop dysfunctional schemas for later in life
Examine how the child is starting to develop self esteem through initiative and independence
Explore what can go wrong in each stage and what can be done to repair damages now.
Review developmental tasks children accomplish at each stage
Examine how children’s thinking patterns are different than that of both toddlers and adolescents
Explore ways to assist childrena nd teens in enhancing their self esteem
Introduce Kholberg’s theory of moral development
Examine how teens thinking patterns are different than that of both pre-teens and adults
Review Kholberg’s theory of moral development

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