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Relationship Skills: Helping Couples Strengthen Their Partnership (3 Hours)

Contact Hours: 3
Based in part on Counselor Toolbox Episodes 082 -Relationship Skills and Saboteurs; 084 -Relationship Saboteurs and Interventions

Instructor: Dawn-Elise Snipes PhD


~    Steps for Building Empathy
~    Tips for overcoming the most common communication barriers
~    Tips for fair fighting
~    Tips for Sweetening Your Relationship
~    Tips for a Closer Relationship
~    Tips for Compromise
~    Tips for Getting Your Needs Met
~    Tips for Giving Emotional Support
~    Tips for Being More Thoughtful
~    Identify the causes, consequences and interventions for some of the most common saboteurs
~    Identify interventions for issues that are commonly seen in relationship sabotage.

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