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Self Esteem Building Across the Lifespan (6 Hours)

Based on Counselor Toolbox Podcasts
054 Self Esteem
075 -Self Esteem Building
076 -50 Mindful Steps to Improved Self-Esteem

Text: Self Esteem Third Edition by Matthew McKay; 50 Mindful Steps to Self-Esteem


  • The Nature of Self-Esteem
  • Understand what self esteem is, why it is important and how to develop it
  • Explore how physical sensations give clues to what is important and whether you are living in harmony with our values (Gut)
  • Identify and address thinking errors that keep you stuck (Head)
  • Evaluate how emotions and the heart contribute to the development of self-esteem (Heart)
  • Examine how the environment impacts your self-esteem
  • Identifying and Disarming the Critic
  • Creating an Accurate Self Assessment
  • Identifying Cognitive Distortions
  • Developing Compassion
  • Shaking the Shoulds
  • Handling Mistakes
  • Responding to Criticism
  • Goal Setting
  • Core Beliefs
  • Building Self Esteem in Children
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