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Relapse Prevention Planning Using Learning Style and Temperament (4 Hours)

This course is based on Counselor Toolbox Podcast Episodes
056 -SNAP-T Using Temperament to Develop Effective, Individualized Relapse Prevention Plans
-055 -Adult Learning Theory and Styles

Video reviews are included


  • Define the client as a person, persons, group, aggregate or community with whom the clinician is engaged in a professional, therapeutic partnership.
  • Learn how to assist clients in assuming responsibility for their own learning and treatment
  • Discuss ways to develop collaborative partnership relationships with clients which are critical to the success of client centered learning
  • Identify information, resources and support for clients that will promote care a way that is evidence informed and respects clients’ preferences.
  • Realize the importance for clients to understand  the information in order to facilitate effective learning and treatment compliance
  • Explore the concept of temperament, and how each dimension communicates an aspect of relapse prevention which needs to be attended to.
  • Identify how individualized relapse prevention plans can increase client compliance and success
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