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Cognitive Behavioral and Solution Focused Counseling Skills (4 Hours)

This course is based on Counselor Toolbox Episodes
039- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Skills 105- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Addressing Negative Thoughts and 135 Cognitive Distortions, 169  Cognitive Behavioral Group Activities

Project MATCH Monograph Series: Volume 3  COGNITIVE-BEHAVIORAL COPING SKILLS THERAPY MANUAL: A Clinical Research Guide for Therapists Treating Individuals With Alcohol Abuse and Dependence. Compiled and edited by: Ronald Kadden, Ph.D


~Define Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and its basic principles
~Identify factors impacting people’s choice of behaviors
~Explore causes and impact of thinking errors
~Identify common thinking errors and their relationship to cognitive distortions
~Review the concept of solution focused interventions
~Envision how CBT can be used with patients with addictions and co-occurring disorders
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