-|- Sex and Pornography Addiction Coaching Certificate (99 Hours)

As we become aware of the full magnitude of the pornography and sex addiction issues, people are realizing that these clients need specialized treatment. The SPARC track provides you with indispensable information about what sex and pornography addiction are, how they are similar and different to substance addictions, treatment interventions and relapse prevention tools that can be used with your clients. Objectives
  • Define sex and pornography addiction
  • Compare and contrast sex addiction with drug addiction
  • Identify and evaluate the impact of porn
  • Assist clients in increasing their motivation to stop using porn
  • Identify basic processes underlying Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Contextual Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for addiction treatment
  • Learn tools to help clients stop using porn and deal with cravings
  • Discover new ways to help clients rebuild self-esteem and restore personal integrity
  • Identify tools that can assist sex addicts
  • Explore current protocols for early recovery of the sex addict
  • Identify issues that may impact the relationship and ways to engage the significant other in the recovery process
  • Learn about the impact of automatic thoughts and ways to help patients deal with negative automatic thoughts
  • Understand the impact of past experiences and life history on the development of addiction
  • Identify techniques for breaking the cycle of self blame
  • Help clients learn how to tolerate things going well
  • Explore the effects of sex and pornography addiction on the viewer, the partner and the relationship.
  • Identify pitfalls in the recovery process
  • Help clients heal a relationship harmed by porn use
  • Understand what "normal" behaviors from both partners often looks like after a betrayal
  • Explore ways to re-open lines of communication
  • Help clients develop a thriving and satisfying sex life without using porn
  • Define relapses and triggers
  • Create a relapse prevention plan: Identifying triggers and developing positive behavioral alternatives
$149.00 for 365 days

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