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Co-Occurring Disorders TIP 42- 30 Hours


1.       Identify the four key findings regarding cooccurring disorders

2.       Identify one of the main challenges for working with homeless populations

3.       Define the “No wrong door” policy           

4.       Explain the benefit of mutual self-help for people with COD

5.       Discuss integrated care as a priority for people with severe and persistent mental illness    

6.       Define the National Registry of Effective Programs and Practices  

7.       Differentiate between substance dependence and substance abuse

8.       Identify the different levels of service for persons with cooccurring disorders

9.       Define the Quadrants of Care

10.   Define the Comprehensive Continuous Integrated System of Care as it pertains to treating persons with cooccurring disorders

11.   List the Six Guiding Principles in Treating Clients With COD

12.   Identify ways to Ensure Continuity of Care

13.   Discuss ways to Improve Substance Abuse Treatment Systems and Programs

14.   List the be Six Areas of Intermediate-Level Competencies Needed for the Treatment of Persons With COD

15.   Explain the concept of Burnout and effective interventions

16.   Identify The Role of Assessment Tools

17.   List be Twelve Steps in the Assessment Process

18.   Identify ways to Manage Countertransference      

19.   Explain Key Techniques for Working With Clients Who Have COD

20.   List the Guiding Principles of MI         

22.   Identify the four sessions in Four-Session Intervention    

23.   Adapt CBT for Clients With COD

24.   Define the concept of Grounding 

25.   Identify effective Relapse Prevention Techniques  

26.   Define Relapse 

27.   Define and explain Relapse Prevention Therapy (RPT)      

28.   Summarize SAMM Concepts and Skills

29.   Facilitate Client Participation in Mutual Self-Help Groups  

30.   Define and describe Assertive Community Treatment

31.   Compare of ACT and ICM

32.   Summarize the recommendations for persons with substance abuse disorders and each of the most common mental health disorders

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