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Relapse Prevention- 10 Hours

Contact Hours: 10

Instructor: Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes PhD, LPC-MHSP, LMHC

Based in part on Counselor Toolbox Podcast 115, Relapse Prevention for Counseling CEUs for LPC, LMHC, LCSW, Addiction and Substance Abuse Counselors (YouTube Video), Counselor Toolbox Podcast 5, 116 & 211, Relapse Prevention for Counseling and Coaches and the FREE texts: TAP 19 Relapse Prevention and the Relapse Prevention Workbook

Learner Objectives

  • General Information on Drug and Alcohol Dependency, Recovery, and Relapse
  • Define Chemical Dependency/Addiction, its Effects & Treatment
  • Define Recovery?
  • Learn About the Developmental Model of Recovery
  • Discuss Stuck Points in Recovery
  • Compare The Developmental Model of Recovery With Traditional Models
  • Define What Is Relapse? 
  • Learn How to Classify of Recovery/Relapse History
  • Learn About Relapse Prevention Treatment?
    • Principle 1: Self-Regulation
    • Principle 2: Integration
    • Principle 3: Understanding
    • Principle 4: Self-Knowledge
    • Principle 5: Coping Skills
    • Principle 6: Change
    • Principle 7: Awareness
    • Principle 8: Significant Others
    • Principle 9: Maintenance
  • Identify Basic Counseling Skills and Relapse Prevention Techniques
  • Discuss How Group Work Differs From Individual Counseling
  • Review Group Counseling Theory
  • Group Goals and Principles
  • Identify Warning Signs and Recovery Planning
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