-|- CoDependency Masterclass (15 hours)


  • Define Codependency
  • Explore how codependency differs from healthy interdependence
  • Identify 20 signs of CoDependency, discuss -how they make sense in context (their function), identify at least 1 strategy to address each symptom
  • Identify 10 Signs of a Co-Dependent -Relationship and Ways to Address Them
  • Explore the Relationship between -Codependency, Attachment, Control & Emotional -Dysregulation
  • Explore the relationship between CoDependency, cPTSD and Borderline Personality
  • Learn about codependency and the drama triangle
  • Acceptance, Anger, Anxiety, and Grief in -Codependency
  • Addressing Guilt and Shame in CoDependency
  • Developing Self Esteem and Assertiveness
  • Common Relapse Situations in CoDependency
  • Developing Healthy Relationships with --Boundaries & Intimacy

$45.00 for 90 days

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