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E-Therapy Certification

Certified E-Therapists fill a unique role among health and human services professionals in providing quality care to consumers.  Certified E-Therapists work in a wide range of disciplines and have diverse educational and experiential backgrounds. All online counselors/etherapists must be trained in the core functions, responsibilities, knowledge, and skill areas required of them regardless of work setting, approach, and educational or professional training.
The purpose of a certification system for Certified E-Therapist is to:

1. Assure the public a minimum level of competency for quality services by Certified E-Therapists.
2. Give professional recognition to qualified Certified E-Therapists through a process that examines demonstrated work competencies.
3. Assure an opportunity for ongoing professional development for Certified E-Therapists.
4. Promote professional and ethical practice by enforcing adherence to a Code of Ethics.

AllCEUs is pleased to offer a course to prepare individuals to undertake online counseling. This course is designed to meet the general requirements for certification in e-therapy.

A total of 20 hours of training divided among the performance domains:
• Professional Ethics in E-Therapy – 4 hours
• Clinical Principles/Treatment Modalities in E-Therapy – 4 hours
• Legal and Jurisdictional Implications of E-Therapy – 2 hours
• Electives – 10 hours

E-Therapy Certification Training- 20 Hours
$89.00 for 90 days

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