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Infant Toddler Development Module 2- 18 Hours

Contact Hours: 18

Instructor: Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes PhD, LMHC


  1. Discuss the federal legislation for Part C and references made to teams therein. (FDOH A3, A4)
  2. Define the differences between
    1. Multidisciplinary teams
    2. Interdisciplinary teams
    3. Transdisciplinary teams (FDOH C2, D1, E4)
  3. Describe the roles of team members, including family members. (FDOH D2)
  4. Describe teaming as it relates to
    1. Intake and screening
    2. Evaluation and assessment in natural environments
    3. Providing feedback to families following evaluation/assessment
    4. Report writing
    5. Developing the IFSP
    6. Intervention planning in natural environments
    7. Service delivery (ongoing) in natural environments
    8. IFSP updates
    9. Reassessment
    10. Transition planning
      (FDOH C3, C4, C9-11, E2, E3, E4, E6, G1-3, F1-3, 6)
  5. Give reasons for and benefits of teaming when considering
    1. Benefits for children
    2. Benefits for families
    3. Benefits for providers (FDOH D3)
  6. Describe procedures for conducting effective team meetings
    1. Ground rules and roles
    2. Clear goals and objectives
    3. Decision making process (FDOH E6)
  7. Describe the major functions of the professional disciplines and related personnel who may be involved in teaming during the early intervention process, for example: nurse, ITDS, parent, physical therapist, speech/language pathologist, psychologist. (FDOH D4)
  8. Discuss attributes of successful team members, such as:
    1. Accepting differences in skills and approaches
    2. Ability to work toward consensus
    3. Interest in teaching, learning and working across disciplines
    4. Willingness to invest time and energy for the benefit of all
    5. Commitment to working in full partnership with families
    6. Openness to diversity in learning styles
    7. Role release and the ability to let go of control
    8. Ability to brainstorm and problem-solve
    9. Demonstration of personal and professional maturity (FDOH D5)
  9. Discuss the stages of team development
    1. Forming
    2. Storming
    3. Norming
    4. Performing
    5. Transforming (FDOH D6)
  10. Understand the principles of collaborative consultation and discuss methods and strategies when using a consultative model in providing early intervention services to:
    1. Increase provider knowledge and skills
    2. Improve quality of early intervention services
    3. Promote teaming (FDOH D7)
  11. Discuss components of effective communication as well as behaviors that interfere with effective communication. (FDOH E1)
  12. Discuss adult learning principles that promote maximum involvement of family members and child care personnel. (FDOH C12)

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