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Affiliate Program

We are glad you are interested in becoming an affiliate.  Affiliates share an “affiliate link” with people who are interested in counseling continuing education or precertification training.  People click on the affiliate link to go to  This link is imbedded with a special code so you get credit if they make a purchase.  You earn a 20% commission on all purchases which are not refunded within 31 days.

Ways to get the link out there:

  • Facebook and LinkedIn posts and groups
  • Your professional contacts
  • Your email signature
  • Print up inexpensive business cards with the link to make it easier to hand to people


To get started

Email Dr. Snipes at  and let me know you are interested.  I will set up your links.

We will also need an I-9 and a W-4 snail mailed to: AllCEUs  1633 W. Main St. #902 Lebanon, TN 37087